Team is a group of incredible people that have discovered their gifts and passions and are using them to serve God, His House and people.

From creating a welcoming environment by serving on a Host Team, to leading the next generation to Jesus by serving our Kids Team, to worshipping God through an instrument on our Musicians Team, driving someone to Church on our Transport Team or fixing things around the building on our Maintenance Team, there is an opportunity for every person to use their gifts to build the Church.

Whether you want to serve every week, or can give an hour a month there's a space for you to bring your gift to the table. Fill out the form below to find out more. 

What teams can I get involved with?

There are so many options available when looking for a team to get involved with, and we are passionate about helping you find your best fit. Here are some of the teams that contribute to making church life awesome!

Using the gift of administration to ensure information is secure, complete, and accurate.

Hosting and delivering a great experience for parents and babies. 

Investing into the lives of children aged 1-5 by giving them the opportunity to discover and develop a love for God through Bible teaching, worship, prayer, and games.

Creating an exciting and vibrant atmosphere for children aged 6-11 to make great friendships, have fun and discover who God is, through interactive games and activities, song, media and Bible teaching.

Making the most noise out of all the age groups, and having a lot of fun!

Paving a way for young adults to discover more of who God has called them to be, as they step out into work, university and family life, whilst having lots of fun and making great friendships.

Putting handiwork and cleaning skills to great use, making sure that the church building is kept in excellent condition.

Cooking, baking (and obviously tasting to make sure it's good...!)

Making a joyful sound! 

Working together to bless the community through Easter Egg drops, Secret Santa campaigns and more.

Reaching women in the local community and helping them to see themselves the way that God does.

Building strength, courage and confidence into the men of our local community and beyond.

Making the best flat white!

Helping people find a community where they can build great friendships and grow in their knowledge of the Bible.

Creating a great first impression by welcoming, greeting, and encouraging everyone at C7

Teaching on a variety of topics, including giftings, marriage, leadership, finances and more.

Communicating the gospel through a variety of methods, including dance, drama, song and spoken word.

Using design skills to create visually-compelling displays and props.

Producing a varied scale of events, including shows and special services.

Capturing special moments that tell special stories.

Ensuring that finances are managed well.

Making C7 feel like home to every person who walks through our doors.

Using lights to communicate the passion and warmth of God's love, and the creativity and diversity of His church.

Communicating through visual presentations and live broadcasts.

Using musical talents to deliver a powerful worship experience.

Walking alongside new believers as they begin to learn who God is.

Extending a warm welcome to every person who visits C7, with an invitation to return.

Ensuring that church runs as it should.

Caring for our community, celebrating with them in the great times and standing alongside them in the difficult moments.

Lifting up the name of Jesus over prayer requests and our daily prayer focuses. 

Creating engaging and compelling graphics to communicate the gospel via Facebook, Instagram and more.

Making sure that we can hear what we need to hear! 

Ensuring microphones and objects are where they need to be, when the need to be there (and the things that aren't meant to be there...aren't!)

Making it easy for people to get to church.

Leading the church in worship.