Make 2024 a year to grow. Take part in one of our courses this year and see your life, faith and leadership go to a whole new level. (scroll to the bottom to sign up)

Biblical Economics
Unpacking what the Bible really says about money and how we can apply Godly principles to our finances to see them move forward. *New date of 29th Feb*
Lead 101
The first part of our Leadership Track, Lead 101 is open to anyone wanting to find out more about leadership in the life of Church. 
Marriage Course
For married couples or those soon to be married, this course is designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage. Whether you've been together 6 months or 60 years, we can always learn and grow.
Freedom In Christ
Unlock the power of Christ in you and step into the freedom Christ won. This course gives practical tools and theological truths to help you understand and access the Kingdom of Heaven in your life. 
The Gifts and Passion for Serving (GAPS) course is designed to help you discover more about your giftings and passions and how to use these to serve God and walk out your purpose in life.
I:Lead is personal leadership course that's designed to equip and empower you to lead yourself. Through i:Lead you will learn key principles which will teach you how to be healthy internally and get into top personal form.