When you start something, like a new job or a new gym, you would expect to get an introduction or an induction. This gives you the opportunity to learn who people are and get an overview of how things work in this new environment. 

Church is no different. 

We want to make it easy for you to find out who we are, how we started, where we’re going and how you can get connected. That’s why ‘Intro to C7’ exists. 

It’s designed to answer your questions and allow you to meet some of our Pastors and leadership team, and help you really feel at home at C7. 

I would love to meet you at our next Intro to C7.


C7 Senior Pastor


What is 'Intro to C7'?
'Intro to C7' is a welcome session we hold once a month, it gives people who are new to C7 an opportunity to meet our pastors and team and find out more about Church.

At it, you will hear a short welcome from our Senior Pastor or Pastoral team and get an opportunity to: 

☑️ Meet some of our Pastors and team
☑️ Meet other people who are new to Church
☑️ Find out about C7’s story so far
☑️ Hear about how you can get connected in Church life
☑️ Find out more about our leadership and governance
☑️ Enjoy some food 

If you are new to Church, or checking out if C7 is the right Church for you then we highly recommend you attend an Intro to C7 session.

Intro takes place on the first Sunday of the month after the 11am and 6pm service (approx 40 min session).

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Why come to Intro?

Nnamdi's story

"I enjoyed Intro to C7 as it gave me an opportunity to know what C7 stood for, how it came into being and hearing Pastor Jason and the rest of the team's vision as to where they want C7 to go. This was very helpful for me to know as a newcomer to C7. Everyone was very friendly and happy to answer any questions we had!"

Naomi's story

“I found Intro to C7 beneficial as coming to a new church can be daunting and it provided an opportunity to speak to people and get to know who leaders are. It also allowed me to hear where I can get involved in church.”

Abigail and Sam's story

"Intro really helped us to know more about C7. We got to know what is happening in the church and how the teaching impacts the lives of people to grow more in Christ. It was also really encouraging to hear the testimonies of the leadership team."

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If you’re looking to learn more about our church then Intro to C7 is for you. At this session, you'll get the opportunity to hear more about C7’s history, vision, mission and values, as well as meet some of our pastors and team over some food after one of our services. 

 'Intro to C7' is coming up on Sunday 5th November 2023 and Sunday 3rd December 2023


Got questions about Intro to C7?

'Intro to C7' happens on the first Sunday of every  month after the 11am and 6pm service. The session lasts approximately 40 mins. 

Intro will start with a time to meet some of our Pastors and Leaders and other people who are new to C7 while enjoying some refreshments. 

After this, we'll sit down for an informal session where Pastor Jason, or one of our key leaders, will unpack key things like our origin, vision, mission, how we're governed and how you can get involved.

C7 Kids will stay open for any kids of families attending Intro to C7. They'll be given a snack and an opportunity to play while you enjoy meeting new people and getting to know more about our church.