C7 Kids

At C7 we believe that every child is a gift from God! We think children are amazing and every single one has a huge and blessed future ahead of them as they grow in the knowledge of God and learn more about Him. Every child is unique and at C7 we are passionate about equipping kids to learn more about their loving heavenly Father, the amazing gifts and abilities He has given each one of them and what it means to know Jesus in their life as their friend. 

Children are full of fun and character and at C7 we offer a kids programme both at 11am and 6pm during our services that is full of fun, enjoyment and engagement to help your child love Sundays!

We offer 4 different programmes for children at C7.


Primary age kids have the opportunity to make new friends and break the ice with fun games, challenges and tribal wars. Then we get together to have a snack, drink and wind down time before we get into our programme where we learn about an amazing story in the Bible through multimedia and interactive story telling using things like drama, games and challenges. 

Our kids leaders share a short encouragement about what the bible talks about and then the kids go into Connect Groups (P1 – P3 and P4 – P7) to talk about what they can learn from this and do an activity. We have memory verses, an opportunity to share praise reports and prayer requests and also take up an offering. Every week we try to bring variation, surprise and fun so no week is quite the same but we know your kid will love our Primary Programme and make heaps of friends. 


Pre-school is amazing! Our Pre-school kids get to have loads of fun in our playroom, filled with interactive and educational toys to encourage free play and friendships. We have a bouncy castle and soft play as well as cosy book corner for some down time. 

Our Pre-school programme uses story time to share a story in the bible and then a craft or colouring in activity to help remember what our kids learned in the story. Pre-schoolers also get a snack and drink and have a big dance and song party to learn amazing songs about Jesus! 

Additional Support Needs (ASN) 

At C7 we want to make every child feel safe and special. We have a dedicated zone for children with Additional Support Needs who require a more catered programme of play and engagement. Our ASN room is a quieter space with different play equipment available depending on the child. Our team will chat to you as a parent or guardian on arrival about what your child’s needs are and how we can best engage with them. 


For parents with babies under 1 we have a relaxing and cosy lounge available for you with a live stream of the service. In the Parents Zone we have a dedicated host, tea, coffee and biscuits and a quiet and private space where you can feed or change your child. We have bottle warming facilities and high chairs, plus baby-suitable toys and seating options.