Day 14

FIRST THINGS FIRST… Life can be full of demands; friends, family, work, personal ambitions are only a few! Leading a demand-driven life of using your time, effort, money to try to constantly meet these demands risks exhaustion. Starting the year with prayer and fasting is a great way to align your priorities and energy for the … Continue reading Day 14

Day 12

The Game Changer. As we approach the end of the second week of our 21 day fast, I’ve been thinking over how prayer is a game changer for our lives. In Genesis 1:26 God said ‘Let us make mankind in our image and let them have dominion.’ God’s original intention for us, other than close … Continue reading Day 12

Day 8

Fasting God’s Way Many of us fast and see nothing change and we ask why? Why is my fast not producing the results I am believing for? Why am I not seeing the breakthrough that I desire? The reality is that the same questions we ask have always been asked. In the days of Isaiah … Continue reading Day 8

Day 3

The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7 gives us some very clear teaching from Jesus about how to live in such a way that we will build our lives on a rock, a strong and firm foundation which will not give way when storms come (Mat 7:24-25.) In the central part of this teaching … Continue reading Day 3

Day 2

I was really impacted by both of Pastor Jason’s messages on Sunday. Obviously in Church every week we get such gold from the Word of God being preached, but some messages hit you right between the eyes, and for me on Sunday both the services did that.  One of the points that stuck out was … Continue reading Day 2