Lesley’s Story – A Night of Power

“Generally when I am part of services like A Night of Power I am praying for others and on Sunday I was focused on my sister-in-law Yvonne who needs a kidney and my brother who is a match but has to lose weight before this can happen. I tend to just accept things and issues that I might have in my physical body, for no good reason I know.

For around 10 or more years I have had Eosinophilic Esophagitis which prevents the passage of food when I eat sometimes and some combinations can be particularly difficult. I just have to either stop eating or ‘get rid’ of the food as the pain can be pretty bad. I can’t do anything else to have it move, people ‘say take a drink’ but this is not possible as it means that I feel as if I am drowning. In addition over the past 6-9 months I have had very sore feet for no particular cause, but some days it would almost reduce me to tears. I’ve even had to stop wearing my 5” heels, which I always loved!

On Sunday night I was praying for Yvonne and Martin when I was aware of a strange feeling in the left side of my throat going down the left side of my body and resulting in a burning sensation in both my feet. At first I thought my feet were hot and sore because I had been standing for a long time but not so, when I sat down my feet were fine. Even when I got home and took my shoes off they were still fine! I have spent this week wearing shoes that I thought I wouldn’t wear again and my feet are still absolutely fine. Later that night my left hip was a bit sore and Monday and Tuesday my left knee was a bit sore too, it felt as if something was working its way out of my body. I truly thought this was something I was just going to have to live with but not so.

After the service I was eating my dinner at 9.50pm and this would generally be problematic with regard to digesting food, but I ate dinner and no indication that I had a problem. Long story short, I have eaten all sorts of foods, which I would normally avoid or have problems with, and have been totally fantastic!

All Glory to God as He had decided to take me in hand and that although I just lived with these issues I clearly didn’t have to. I am still praying for Yvonne and Martin and other members of my family but this is a great lesson for me.” – Lesley Lowrie

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