Emma’s Story – A Night of Power

“When I was 15 I was diagnosed with a vertebral hemangioma (tumour) in my spine. It has affected me a lot since: I left school because I could no longer pursue my goal of being a dance teacher. I left school for a job and shortly after had to change career paths as I couldn’t have an active job. If I do too much, my tumour presses on my sciatic nerve which connects to my legs and I lose the feeling in them. So on Sunday after the hour of power service I lost the feeling in my legs and as Hope was half carrying me out to Christie’s car and Pastor Jason stopped me to ask what was wrong. I told him and he prayed for me on the spot cursing my tumour and praying for healing in God’s name. When we finished he asked me to try to walk and see if any pain had gone and I could walk again. I started crying on the spot and all I could say was God is good.” – Emma Forbes

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