Suzie’s Story – A Night of Power

“For about 6 years I’ve been having consistent pain in my right wrist because of carpel tunnel and a recurring ganglion cyst. A few years ago I had an operation to get the cyst removed but it came back within a few months. There was also nerve damage during the surgery so I lost some feeling on the back of my hand. During the ‘Hour Of Power’ we had on Sunday night while I was playing piano in our worship team, I was really aware of the pain in my wrist. I was concentrating on what I was playing so I was struggling to hear what Pastor Jason was saying. Suddenly I heard him say really clearly that there was someone here tonight who is suffering from pain in their right hand and that God wants to take that pain away right now just because he loves you! I kind of forgot I was still playing and just started thanking God for his love and for my healing and literally right at that moment the pain left and I was playing things on the keys I didn’t know I could play. The cyst was a lump under the skin on my wrist about the size of a blueberry which you could see and feel. But it’s completely gone! And since Sunday I have had full movement in my hand and wrist with no pain at all! God is so good!” – Suzie Murphy

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