What Is Accelerate?

Why do we have Accelerate? 
The Bible is full of wisdom for every part of our lives. If we learn and then apply God’s word, we will “be successful wherever we go” (Joshua 1:7). 

Yet over their lifetime, most Christians remain limited in their understanding of the Bible and therefore don’t access the fullness of the knowledge and wisdom God has laid out for them. Accelerate is designed to therefore equip believers to fully access the powerful wisdom of the Word of God and see their lives and the world impacted through it.

What is Accelerate? 
Accelerate is a purposefully designed course to invest biblical knowledge into your life in an accelerated time frame. 

The knowledge you will acquire through the teaching you will receive would ordinarily take years to independently gain, but through Accelerate you will learn this over weeks and months. 

What will Accelerate do for me?
Through Accelerate, you will grow in your personal knowledge, theological understanding and ultimately wisdom that comes from the Bible. 

You will learn to apply the Bible and its principles to every aspect of your life – from family and relationships to business, leadership and the gifting and calling God has given you.

Rather than growing in a ‘default’ way, Accelerate will set you up to grow in a purposeful direction through gaining the wisdom of God, using the tools you will learn to transfer this to your day-to-day life and achieving the success the Bible promises. 

What does Accelerate look like? 

Three Courses, Three Lectures:
Accelerate is delivered through three online lectures per week. These lectures happen in “pre-work” hours to kick-off your day digging into the word of God. 

Tuesday: 7.45am – 8.30am 
Wednesday 7am – 8am 
Friday 7am – 8am 

Each day will deliver a different course (details below) 

For those unable to watch these lectures live, catch up is available. We encourage as much as possible live-watching to allow for questions and participation but appreciate that some schedules won’t allow. 

Three Semesters: 
With three independent semesters operating over 10 months, Accelerate is set up to be best gained over a year, however, if your life means you can only do one course or one semester you can sign up for any class you like.

Semester 1: September – December 
Semester 2: January – March 
Semester 3: April – June 

If you would like any more information on Accelerate then please email us at accelerate@c7church.com