Racing Towards Excellence – Steph’n Lanii

I should start with a confession, I really did not fully appreciate what Accelerate was about! It knew it was a leadership programme, had a snazzy name (‘Accelerate’), it would be fast paced, it would be Bible-based and therefore relevant and impactful but I got more…

1. Effective Home Leadership –
As a husband and father, I find that the joy and challenges of family life are intertwined, the myriad of emotions are real, the test of your Christian confession is ongoing … where is the line between consequence and grace? How do you ‘not exasperate’ your child? How do you lead by example? How do you handle a situation when you have fallen short? I now have new tools in the toolbox, parenting with the future in mind. Understanding Bible-based principles which have been proven effective and beneficial.

2. Effective Husband –
There is a presumption that the nice warm feeling of affection we experience is genuine and constant. Sadly, this is not true. The feelings are drowned when thrown into the river of life, my expectations versus my spouse’s. Insisting that she fulfil my desires whilst refusing to do the same. Through this programme my mind is being reset  to focus on the source of all life and wisdom, live by His principles, to submit myself to Him and in so doing, I meet her needs and get mine met from Him.

3. Workplace Leader –
We are all in the public eye, work colleagues watch our responses to challenges, opposition and even how we handle victories. Having an eternal focus I display a longterm view of my contribution to my employer, the right use of my income and help redefine the terms of corporate responsibility. Conversations concerning the uncertainty of life and the rollercoaster of local, national and international politics I am confident to choose a different path than the popular view, based again on principles learned. Thinking through my beliefs, accepting the rights of others to live life but also embracing my role as an influence for good.

4. Mentor in the Community –
Life is constantly changing, humans as creatures of habit are extremely uncomfortable with change. An unresolvable dilemma, I however, have an awareness of my role within society. To be a light and an encouragement. Not based on wishful thinking or flight of fantasies, but based on the knowledge that there is a good plan and an assurance that eventually, things are for a better cause. This guides my response to when life blindsides me or anyone that I am privileged to interact with. I can display calm assurance in the midst of the storms, despite the strains and the pains navigating life. Accelerate has helped remind me that life is not an accident but an unfolding of the plan of a good and wise God who has assigned a role for me to play. I approach life fearlessly and with certainty.

Personally, Accelerate has helped me redefine my goals, my attitude to life and my approach to relationships. I am on the journey to excellence. Please do not misunderstand me, I have always pursued excellence but now I am doing it with stoic determination, a reason for it and a promise of the end result. I understand that everything I do broadcasts my belief, my understanding of God and His ability and promises and of course how reliable I trust Him to be. So now I am racing towards excellence, this is Accelerate’s effect on me.

Steph’n Lanii
C7 Accelerate Year 1 Student

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