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Being the son of our Senior Pastors, I have been going to Church my whole life and been brought up in a Christian home. I have always loved going to Church because of the people you meet but mainly because it’s a place where we can gather and worship our Saviour, Jesus. I wanted to do Accelerate because I wanted my relationship with Jesus to grow. I wanted to get more knowledge of God and wanted to learn leadership skills that I could apply to my life and help others.

Accelerate has helped me with my relationship with God as I have learned to be more disciplined in prayer and reading my Bible which has given me so much more knowledge on lots of things that I didn’t know before.

Accelerate has really helped me with family life and my friendships as I am more confident and I feel more of a leader. I can also pass my knowledge onto them when maybe they are struggling in a hard situation or they need help to understand something from the Bible. I feel like now I have so much more knowledge on things that I can really help them.

Accelerate is helping me in my football because I am learning leadership skills and I am able to apply them for when I am on the pitch by encouraging people and really just being confident. It’s really helped with my discipline for when I don’t feel like training as you have to get up early three mornings a week and that can only help you become mentally stronger.

I am going for Jesus in a greater way because I am even more in love with Him now than I was before Accelerate. I now understand how much He has actually done for us and learning the stories He did for people in the Bible is unbelievable. We get teaching from the stories and it has really challenged me to think what I could do to help people.

I would encourage everyone to do Accelerate because it helps you grow in your relationship with God and it helps with in all aspects of life. It helps you in your confidence, discipline and knowledge of the Bible. If you decide to do it and push through until the end you know that you wont give up on anything.

Joel Cask
C7 Accelerate Year 1 Student

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