Like Christ – Paige McConville


For me personally, Accelerate has helped me become more like Jesus. I have learned many amazing Godly principles, and the teaching has been incredible, however I feel that the things that have impacted me the most is the leadership and serving aspects. Also, the discipline that has been developed within me has helped me grow in so my aspects of my life. Being part of an amazing course has been an absolute privilege and it definitely helped me walk life more like my Saviour.

Through Accelerate I have learned the significance of staying in the battle and pushing through, which has caused many amazing breakthrough moments within my life. These moments have been so key in my walk with Jesus and they have been crucial points in my growth and maturity in Christ.

Being a fairly new Christian many words in the Bible where foreign language to me, however through Accelerate I have learned the importance and power of many words in the Bible. An example of this is “Honour”. When I think about what I have learned from the course, honour is one of the first things that springs to my mind. Through the teaching on the course I have learnt about honour and I have been able to apply that knowledge to every are of life. I have seen my life go to a whole new level and have experienced so much break off of my life. It’s set me free.

Doing Accelerate has really challenged my mindset. Because of this I have been able to get an order to my life. On a practical level the course has not only benefited me within Church life, but in all areas of my life. Before I starting doing Accelerate I would never acknowledge certain issues which were within my heart, however through the course I have been able to find the courage to face my issues and overcome them. This has helped me develop my character. In addition to this, not only have I became more like Jesus, I am now able to pass on what I have learned, so others are able to benefit from the work that Jesus is doing within me.

Accelerate has challenged my character a lot and the course has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. For example, doing presentations caused my confidence to grow massively, however at the time of my presentation it felt extremely uncomfortable. I am so grateful that I went through this experience because it has helped me grow internally which has had a positive external effect on my life and also others around me. 

Paige McConville
C7 Accelerate Year 1 Student

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