Capacity and Steps of Faith – Alastair Doye

When I think back to how my life was at the beginning of 2016 I realise how much my life has changed since then. There are things that I do now, that I would not have thought possible back then.

Before I decided to join the Accelerate course I had heard some of the stories of people who had attended Accelerate in its first year and one of the things that struck me was how it had helped them to increase their capacity. As a person who wants to accomplish a lot in life I thought this was the perfect opportunity that would force me to enlarge my capacity and get to know more about God.

Sometimes I laugh to myself when I think of where I am now, how various steps of faith have led me to this stage in my life. Moving to Scotland, joining Accelerate and many others; deciding to live a life that I knew would be uncomfortable, but having faith that they would be steps that bring me closer to the purpose that God has for the life that he gave me. I have learnt so much through choosing the path that is more difficult, or less comfortable.

Moving to Scotland was a big step of faith for me, it meant leaving many things behind in London; a great church, family and friends, amongst others. However since I moved to Scotland, I have learnt a lot and have seen my life move further towards accomplishing the dreams that I have for the future.

Throughout the Bible there are many leaders that chose the difficult path and took steps of faith and each time God used them to do incredible things. Moses, Noah, Gideon … all of them put their faith in God and God used them to accomplish amazing works. Taking Noah as an example, he trusted God and had faith in what God commanded him to do, even though it made no sense to anyone else (Genesis 6:9-8:22). The deeper I study the word of God, the more I realise how important it is to do things with faith.

I now know it is possible to live a much larger life than you imagine. All it takes is a step of faith in deciding to do something that might not seem to make much sense. It will force you to live your life differently. My life has moved forward every time I have decided to commit to doing something requiring a step or leap of faith.

Alastair Doye
C7 Accelerate Year 1 Student

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