Students undertake 15 hours of serving each week as part of their course. Serving gives students a practical opportunity to apply the knowledge and principles learnt through lectures, mature teamwork and leadership skills and develop new and existing gifts.

The 15 hours is within an area of the student’s choice. This can be changed at the end of each semester. Please read the tables below and email your top three areas, in order of preference, to the Accelerate Team before the start of each semester.

To help you choose an area which best suits your current giftings and the areas you would like to grow in more information on each area can be found below:


Age Groups: Adults and families, 26-35s, TNG, Extreme, Kids. Intern in an age group and see more and more people connected to the life of our church through your leadership.

Sunday Services: Our Sunday services are the key event in the life of Church. Interning in Sunday services will involve a focus on how to practically grow and facilitate the growth of Church, strategising expansion plans and also events planning to constantly improve the excellence and presentation of what we do on a Sunday. Over the next year we are planning some significant movement with our Sunday services so you can be part of the team that is leading this.

Teaching: We are passionate about people growing in maturity in their relationship with God and in equipping them to be their best in all areas of their lives. Become part of the teaching team and help prepare resource, organise courses and develop your teaching gift.

Technology and Creative: Technology and Creative includes many of the day-to-day functions of C7, including IT, Production (Sounds, Lights, Media, Stage Management), and Creative (Vocals, Musicians, Songwriting, Creative Services). Use and develop your skills to impact the city for His Kingdom.

Communicating and Marketing: We’re all called to communicate the gospel! Learn how to communicate in relevant and engaging ways through film, graphic design,photography, blogging, web design and social media. Be part of the team which helps communicate Jesus to our church and our nation.

Events and Conferences: C7 hosts key conferences and events throughout the year. Our events and conferences interns will be leading in the events planning of our conferences, our marketing strategy and the business that runs behind the event. This is a role that organisation is essential and will push the boundaries of your planning and leadership skills as we take our events to another level.


City Reach: City Reach is the outreach project of C7 and is all about being a friend of the city – to see and meet the needs of every person in our cities, to bring social and economic justice and to offer support to schools and community projects. Projects include the Foodbank, gift distribution, support for the elderly, city clean ups and more. Become a key part of these key projects in caring for our city.

I:Lead Unemployment: Become part of the i:Lead team and help prepare resources, organise courses, create connections and develop your teaching gift as together we see people find employment because of successful completion of our i:Lead courses.

i:Lead Schools: We are reaching this generation and equipping them with Godly principles that help shape their future. From admin, preparing resource to teaching and delivering courses to pupils and staff i:Lead Schools is such an exciting area to make a difference.

i:Lead Community: i:Lead courses equip and change lives. We want to reach every area of our community with these courses. Get involved and be part of a powerful team to make this happen.


Kingdom Builders: Kingdom Builders are our financial leaders in church. Through interning with Kingdom Builders you will be using time to create finance through your current business or developing a new business or business strategy to resource the House. You will also develop skills to invest and train other people in how to create wealth and grow business and be regularly networking with other Kingdom Builders in

Coffee House: Lead and serve on C7 Coffee House throughout the week and on Sundays.

i:Lead: i:LEAD creates influence and a voice outside of C7! We have existing projects coming up to spread the amazing message of i:Lead along with the potential options for podcasts, new resources and a magazine.

Estates: Estates is the representation and the first impression that anyone has when they enter the premises! This covers refresh, maintenance, venue and more. If you are passionate about making our home excellent then this is the area for you!

Sport: Our Vision is to build a life-giving Church in every city, town and village of Scotland. We want to help equip and empower people to enhance their life in every area including their health and wellbeing. Interning in this area will involve expanding how we help people live a healthy life and belong in Church through sports.

Entertainment: Entertainment is a fun and dynamic way of engaging an audience when communicating the Gospel. So whether it’s through Seasonal Productions, Sunday items or Events, this internship will equip you to with the knowledge, skills and tools to use entertainment for greater impact.