Day 8

Fasting God’s Way

Many of us fast and see nothing change and we ask why? Why is my fast not producing the results I am believing for? Why am I not seeing the breakthrough that I desire?

The reality is that the same questions we ask have always been asked. In the days of Isaiah the people asked the exact same questions of God and God used Isaiah to bring His counsel and wisdom to bear on the people and he expounded on it in Isaiah 58.

At the beginning we find God’s people complaining that their prayers were not being answered even though they were fasting as well. They question God for His lack of response to their actions, even going as far as to ask Him if He even sees what they are doing! God’s response through Isaiah is to rebuke them over the way they are fasting and to give the outline for what He regards as the true way to fast.

In outlining to them the errors in their ways God explains that their fast is based on selfish motives and not focused on what He wants. They were self seeking and merely looking for God to sort things out to suit them. At no point were they looking for the fast to change them, rather their intention through the fast was to change their circumstances and not themselves!

God on the other hand goes on to explain that real fasting is about change, change in us first but ultimately in order to bring about change in the world around us. Not changing the world to suit us, as they intended, but changing us so that we become more like Him and then impacting the world to accomplish God’s will, plans and purposes. Ultimately their fasting was to have the effect that they would change so profoundly that they would become a people who would called “the Repairer of the Breach, the Restorer of Streets to Dwell in”. They would be a people who would repair and rebuild that which has been lost and torn down. A people who would restore God’s ways and guide people into His truth.

Dermot Murphy

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