Day 2

I was really impacted by both of Pastor Jason’s messages on Sunday. Obviously in Church every week we get such gold from the Word of God being preached, but some messages hit you right between the eyes, and for me on Sunday both the services did that. 

One of the points that stuck out was the concept that if you or I could hang out and hear from the wisest man in history we would jump at the chance and yet so often Christians aren’t delving deep into Proverbs which is literally written by the wisest man in history – Solomon.

It reminded me that as we start this fast we have an opportunity to centre ourselves on making sure the Word of God is the absolute foundation for our lives. The Bible is absolute gold – not just an encouraging read – it is the exact description of life and direction from God on how we can live it to its absolute utmost. We have an opportunity EVERY DAY to read the divine word that has come from the mouth of God (written through people like Solomon) and let it speak directly into our lives and situations.  No matter what the situation or season is – the Bible is the best thing. 

As we fast we have the opportunity to lay down things that distract us so often from getting time reading God’s word and prioritize getting our eyes, ears and hearts on the best thing we could ever read – Gods very own words to us.  

Pastor Helen Ratcliffe

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