Day 12

The Game Changer.

As we approach the end of the second week of our 21 day fast, I’ve been thinking over how prayer is a game changer for our lives.

In Genesis 1:26 God said ‘Let us make mankind in our image and let them have dominion.’ God’s original intention for us, other than close relationship with Him, was for us to dominate or lead in every area of our lives. I was fascinated as I reflected on this because I have never picked up on two important words in this verse before: ‘Let them’. By declaring this God was, in essence, leaving the stewardship of the affairs of earth to man. In other words, man is meant to be a representative of God in the Earth. When I thought about this I began to realise that God doesn’t intervene until His representatives on Earth, ask Him to. Wow.

When I bring it down to my own life and my personal life, being family, friendships, career, interests and future goals, if there is a challenge or hindrance to me or my world moving forward, then prayer is the game changer. It is the key God has placed in our hands to bring the answers we seek and the help that we need.

God works through a body and the Church is that body – we are the body of Christ. If God is going to do something great in our lives and in our city then He needs us to pray.

We only need to look outside the window or walk down the street to see the different aspects of our communities and city that need the Kingdom of God to become a reality today. The good news is the solution lies with us. We have everything we need.

During this time, set apart to seek God in a deeper way. What doors do you need open? What blessings do you need released? What promise do you need bound around your heart today?

Prayer is the game changer.

Luipa Lwambano

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