Day 10: Eyes Open

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.‘ – Psalm 119:18

I believe that one of the most powerful prayers we can pray is that God would ‘open up our eyes’.

Anyone who knows me knows that I wear glasses. I’ve had them since I was about 13 or 14, and while I started with a really tiny prescription I’m now at the place where if I don’t put them on in the morning I can’t see past my own hands! They’re pretty much essential to my day to day living.

Lots of things have contributed to my need of glasses; countless hours spent typing, reading, video-editing and designing on computers definitely have something to do with it, but I was told by my optician once that one of the main reasons for my sight deteriorating is that when I first got my glasses I was only meant to wear them occasionally while reading if I was struggling but as a rebellious teenager I just wore them all the time! The result was that my eyes quickly got used to my glasses and became lazy! And so the lazier my eyes got, the stronger my prescription had to become.

I think the same thing can happen with our ‘spiritual eyes’.

Often in life, we can rely on ‘spiritual glasses;’ things that are helpful to help us see and understand better. These might be preachers, messages, books, courses, worship songs etc, and while these things are so important in increasing our understanding, they cannot be our only source. I’ve learnt over time that these things are not enough to sustain us to run our own race in God. If we’re waiting until Sunday to open our Bibles and only turning to the scriptures that the preacher is teaching from or if we’re only singing the three or four songs in a worship set from our living rooms on a Sunday (or maybe we’re not even singing, we’re just watching them sing!), we’re allowing our spiritual eyes to become lazy.

Don’t get me wrong – things like listening to preachers and engaging in corporate worship are essential to our faith (just like for me wearing my glasses at certain times when I first got them was essential), but if we don’t want to our eyes to become lazy we must use our own ‘spiritual eyes’. This means cultivating our own relationship with God, going deeper in our own revelations of Him, through our own personal time with God, our own prayers, our own study of His Word.

I believe that this is where fasting can help us.

If we cry out to God, as the Psalmist did in this verse, for our eyes to be opened, He’ll not only hear us but He’ll answer. We’ll begin to have our own spiritual eyes opened to the wonders found within the very Word of God.

I pray today that each of us as we take time with God, closing the door, just you and God, no preacher, no worship leader, no other book – just the Word, our eyes will be opened to a deeper revelation of His wonders, for He truly is a wondrous God.

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