Our Pastors

Senior Pastors, Jason and Jodi Cask, are a couple on fire for God. They are dedicated to elevating people to a whole new level in their understanding and in their relationship with Christ. Jason and Jodi served as pastors on staff for 10 years in their local church, Hillsong, in Sydney before moving to Glasgow with their children Rachel, Joel and Sarah where they were blessed by the birth of their youngest son, Daniel.

Jason is passionate about creating a generation of leaders, and has developed a series of leadership courses for individuals, churches, businesses, schools and the community. Jason brings a relevant, inspiring and powerful teaching, packed with Godly and practical leadership principles.

Both Jason and Jodi have incredible hearts for people and are wholly dedicated to building a church where the needs of every individual are met and where God’s light shines.

Our Senior Pastors have a shared vision of making God’s word known by creating a culture of faith, life and excellence within C7 and enabling the leaders of the House to practically outwork the love of God in their communities. They are an incredible example and inspiration to the church.