Day 14

FIRST THINGS FIRST… Life can be full of demands; friends, family, work, personal ambitions are only a few! Leading a demand-driven life of using your time, effort, money to try to constantly meet these demands risks exhaustion. Starting the year with prayer and fasting is a great way to align your priorities and energy for the … Continue reading Day 14

Day 12

The Game Changer. As we approach the end of the second week of our 21 day fast, I’ve been thinking over how prayer is a game changer for our lives. In Genesis 1:26 God said ‘Let us make mankind in our image and let them have dominion.’ God’s original intention for us, other than close … Continue reading Day 12

Day 8

Fasting God’s Way Many of us fast and see nothing change and we ask why? Why is my fast not producing the results I am believing for? Why am I not seeing the breakthrough that I desire? The reality is that the same questions we ask have always been asked. In the days of Isaiah … Continue reading Day 8