Day 16

We are in the last week of 21 days of fasting and prayer!

It’s a great thing to start the year seeking God and setting out the vision for the year! We have been hearing all about this through the messages on Sundays by Pastor Jason (you can catch up on these online here).

I have been asking myself some questions recently… can I see God? Can I see what God is doing? How He is acting? And if not why not?

The Bible states in Matthew 5 v 8 “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God!”

I think we often read past this, thinking it’s something reserved for the most holiest of people or it’s for when we enter heaven, however I think this verse goes beyond that!

We should desire to see God, to see His actions, to see His vision!

The way to do this? Purify our hearts! As we enter into the last week of prayer and fasting, let’s examine our hearts so that we may see God!

Emmanuel Feldano

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